DMC Technics World DJ Championship 2003

CXL won the New Zealand DMC Championship Title for 2003 and went on to represent New Zealand at the DMC World DJ Championship that year attaining a top twelve placing.

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Ill Semantics – Highway

Ill Semantics dropped their first album – Theory of Meaning – in 2002. Highway – the first single from the album – was nominated for a Silver Scroll in 2003.

Watch for Savage’s literally show-stopping appearance toward the end.

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Ill Semantics are a New Zealand-based hip hop three piece with two albums under their belt and a third to come in 2010.

They are made up of MC Patriarch, MC Nemesis and DJCXL, and they were officially signed to Dawn Raid Entertainment in early 2002.

Ill Semantics’ third album will be released under their own label – Illegal Musik.

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