Hip Hop vs D&B Soundclash

At the end of last year BaseFM held a Hip Hop versus Drum & Bass soundclash. CXL put together a set and we captured the process of the practice, the performance and the radio show recap.

CXL proved once again that he can rock across genres in an impressive D&B scratch at the climax of the set.

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Magic City

DJCXL plays live to crowds in Korea, Australia and Japan.

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DJCXL has a regular night spot at Magic City (formerly Mystique) in Brisbane. Last year, Illegal Musik played the launch party for the Magic City rebranding.

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Mulatto Patriot Remix

Chicago Hip Hop Producer, Mulatto Patriot, asked DJCXL to remix one of the tracks off his recent album “Sonic Visuals”. After seeing MC Bling in the BaseFM video he suggested CXL put him on the remix.

Mulatto’s track was called International Connection and featured Canada’s finest femcee, Eternia (check out her flow in this video), and german MC De:Joeso.

Buy International Connection from iTunes now.

DJCXL has also remixed a track for Australian rockers Cog.

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DJCXL’s radio show “The Champ Is Here” airs regularly on Tuesday nights at drivetime (4 to 6pm). Last year, Dylan C explained to us the mix show format that separates Base from its commercial peers: DJs play two hours of anything they want – they don’t have to play from a prescribed playlist.

Because of this, CXL gets to express his musical tastes more freely on his show than at the clubs.

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Ins and Outs Scratch Jam

On top of everything else, CXL has recorded a few scratch jams in his spare time.

This one was done in 2009 and has been pretty popular.

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Rihanna & Chris Brown in Auckland

DJCXL played the local support slot for Chris Brown & Rihanna in 2009.

He’s supported many international artists locally including Destiny’s Child, 50 Cent, Ghostface Killah, Black Eyed Peas, Qbert, DJ Craze, and Jazzy Jay.

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