Urban Select Grand Opening Tonight @ Jet Nightclub Lounge

Meeean night lastnight at the Immortal Technique show, a true MC right there!!! Tonight and every other Saturday you can catch me at Urban Select at Jet Nightclub Lounge alongside ma boyz DJ Lenium & DJ Spence dropping all that niceness!!!

Rain Bar, Wellington Wedz Night

Rockin’ Rain Bar in Wellington this Wedz Night 18th then the BIG ONE Friday night, Immortal Technique at The Studio, K Rd, I’ve been waiting for this one for quite sometime & I’m on the bill, saweeeeet!!!

A Bunch of Shout Outs

Thought I’d share these since they’re just wasting away on my comp, enjoy.

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One Night Stand at The Lounge

Kickin’ off our regular weekly Weds fixture for the year, One Night Stand at The Lounge with DJ’s Raolin, Mad & myself with Bigg Romez on the mic.

Happy New Year!!!

Merry Xmas & a happy new year…Immortal Technique is rocking a show in Auckland at The Studio Jan 20 so decided to whip up an Immortal Mixtape of a bunch of songs that i like, it’s not a ‘best of’ so don’t get it twisted, download yourself a copy & crank that sucka up…see you at the show.

The Point Of No Return – Immortal Technique Mix DJCXL

Otis Mix DJCXL

Here’s my latest Mix for your listening pleasure featuring Jay Z, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Game & Trey Songz amongst others, enjoy.

My latest single ‘Lets Just Celebrate’ will be available from iTunes early Jan 2012.

“Let’s Just Celebrate” ft Vince Harder, Young Sid & Ethical

So my new single is out “Let’s Just Celebrate”, my 4th single off my upcoming untitled debut album due for release in Feb 2012 featuring a whole stack of artists such as Dam Native, Scribe, K.One, J.Williams, PNC, Young Sid, Vince Harder & a whole lot more, stay tuned…

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NZ Hustle Showcase Live in Australia

Just got back from a mean weekend in Perth & Brisbane with the boyz Young Sid, Dei Hamo, Sir T , Derty Sesh, Pieter T, PNC, Deach & Mr Sicc, shout out to everyone that came to support the show, Wynn Boss & all the peeps that made it happen and my mates that came out too hahaha shot!!!

Number One ft K One & PNC

My new video for my 3rd single, Number One ft K One & PNC, enjoy.

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Magic City, Australia July 30th

I’m rockin’ Magic City in Brisbane on the 30th of July, it’s been ages since Ive played their so if your in the area then come party with us!!

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