NZ On Air Album Funding

Yeaaaaah NZ On Air are funding my album for 2011, super stoked!!! I’m aiming for midyear to have it completed so stay tuned!! Thanks to my team at Illegal Musik & everyone for all the support!!!

“Natural” feat Erakah & K-One

Yeeeeah my new video for Natural is out now and im stoked with the response & support from everyone, thanks to everyone involved and everyone that supports my music & the team, awesome!!!

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“Natural” DJCXL feat Erakah & K-One

Sup team, my new single “Natural” is available for download so please support me & the team & grab yourselves a copy or 10 🙂

Get to know me

Had a mean day today out at OMAC  for the APO Remix program that had been running for the week. Shout outs to Anonymouz, Tyree, Noma, APO & everyone else that was involved, bring on the next one!

I originally made this video “Get to know me” as part of my presentation to the students of the Remix program as a brief time-line of my career. It had some good response so i touched it up some more & decided to upload & share it as a good promo/bio & history video all in one…enjoy.

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My Love video

Here’s the video for my debut single, My Love, featuring J Williams and The Gift (aka MC Patriarch).

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Thanks to all the people involved – from the crew: Pixelati, Matt Meikle (DP), Spencer (Gaffer), Frith (Camera Assist), Grace from Red Bull, Anonymouz, Brooke McAlister, Erakah and Nox (even though the issues meant they didn’t make final cut), Parys, Tui, Andrew Brown (Colorist from Toybox) and everyone else who helped out!

Thanks for all the love and support for the song and the video – keep an eye out for the groundbreaking new 3D video on its way from J Wills and Scribe…

Debut Single “My Love” Featuring J Williams available now

DJCXL’s debut single is now available for purchase in New Zealand!

Buy My Love from Vodafone

Buy My Love from Telecom

Buy My Love from iTunes

My Love is not available outside of New Zealand yet – sorry! – but DJCXL’s remix of Mulatto Patriot’s “International Connection” can be purchased on iTunes Australia and US. To find out more about this track, check out our video here: The making of the Mulatto Patriot Remix.

Mulatto Patriot Remix

Chicago Hip Hop Producer, Mulatto Patriot, asked DJCXL to remix one of the tracks off his recent album “Sonic Visuals”. After seeing MC Bling in the BaseFM video he suggested CXL put him on the remix.

Mulatto’s track was called International Connection and featured Canada’s finest femcee, Eternia (check out her flow in this video), and german MC De:Joeso.

Buy International Connection from iTunes now.

DJCXL has also remixed a track for Australian rockers Cog.

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In September 2007 CXL went to Tokyo, Japan to watch as Major League Baseballer, Marc Jason Kroon of the Tokyo Giants, walked into the 50,000 strong Tokyo Dome to the sound of his track, “It’s the K”.

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Ill Semantics On and On

On and On was the first single of Ills’ second album Good Musik (released 2006). CXL produced most of the album this time out, taking the opportunity to hone his production skills.

This period was also the beginning of Illegal Musik, the record label established by Ills’ frontman, Patriarch.

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